Prof. Tomoki SEKIGUCHI – Kyoto-Cornell International Collaborative Degree Opportunity


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Prof. Tomoki SEKIGUCHI

Prof. Tomoki SEKIGUCHI

―Class Information
■ Human Resource Management
■ Organizational Behavior
Q.Please share your research and expertise
My major research fields are Organizational Behavior (OB) and Human Resource Management (HRM). The area of OB seeks to understand human behaviors in organizations and the area of HRM applies the basic knowledge of human behavior to design human resource practices in organizations.

I am particularly interested in what the future organizations/businesses and working styles of people will look like. I believe that globalization is an inevitable trend. Thus, I am recently conducting many studies on the international dimensions of OB and HRM. For example, I pay close attention to the roles of culture, language, and globalization in managing people in multinational companies. I also focus on studying organizations and businesses in Asia, given the increasing presence of the Asian region in the world economy. The influence of technology such as AI and robots on OB and HRM is another area I want to explore further to understand how they change organization management.
Q.What is your expectation of the KC-CDO program and students?
The KC-CDO Program is designed to develop specialists in both business and hospitality. I highly expect the students in the program to create new values in this world, from a viewpoint of hospitality and/or service.

Kyoto University is famous for its numerous interdisciplinary researches. Studying at Kyoto University is like exploring a jungle. Walk around with ambition, and you will find something new and unique. At Cornell University, you will join one of the best hotel schools that is known for highly practical education in hospitality management. You meet professors, entrepreneurs and classmates in the world’s top level. Both schools have found alumni networks you can benefit from, and I am sure you will enjoy the combination of these two great schools.

In addition, KC-CDO program is still a brand-new program. You will be developing this program together with your peers and us, faculty members. People who enjoy change and thrive in a dynamic environment are most welcomed.
Q.What do you enjoy outside of your academic life?
I like to stroll around and explore new places.

When I go abroad both on business and for leisure, I walk around the neighborhood in my free time without setting any destination. Because I am interested in human behavior, observing local people is a good way to know their lives and get some insights for my research. As I am still new to Kyoto – I joined Kyoto University three years ago – I would like to explore and learn about this place more.
I also enjoy reading books. In addition to the books related to my research, I like novels, science, and history books.

I look forward to sharing more ideas and interests with you at Kyoto University!
【Interviewer】Kanako TOMODA (KC-CDO ‘23)
It was an inspiring experience to conduct an interview to
Dr. Sekiguchi. I firmly believe that Professor’s researches in HRM play an essential role in this rapidly changing world, and I would like to learn more about them.