Prof. Takashi MITACHI – Kyoto-Cornell International Collaborative Degree Opportunity


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Prof. Takashi MITACHI

Prof. Takashi MITACHI

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Leadership Development
Q.What kind of lecture do you give for the KC-CDO program?
I’m teaching the course on leadership development. This is a mix of providing academic knowledge on leadership and the practitioner views, cross-learning through mutual discussions, and supporting students write their own leadership development journey plan. I emphasize not only the “knowing” part of leadership but also “doing” and “being” parts of it.

At the same time, we all know, given the VUCA nature of our times, leaders do need to be equipped with the adaptiveness. I touch upon some fundamental drivers of the VUCA environment and emerging approaches to deal with them.
Key concept on this resides in the fact that we are living in the two different paradigms at the same time; the very late stage of increasing human well-being through industrialization and the very early stage of doing so through digitization.
We see so many problems of industrialization. Climate change and excessive inequality are the examples of the problems. Whereas, digitization is yet to produce more benefits than cost such as risks on privacy.
These would cause further volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in the coming years.
I hope the course will be a great starting point for student’s life-long journey of leadership development, based of enhanced understandings on leadership and the time we are living in.
Q.For the hospitality industry and for leadership, what is newly required for us ?
Given the impact of COVID-19, business models in the hospitality industry needs to be re-evaluated, and quite likely to be remodelled. Density is one of the biggest source of profit drivers of the industry, but it needs through review.
This of course affects the leaders of the industry in a significant manner.
Uncertainties of the industry and the company’s future makes employees very anxious and nervous. As a leader you need to help navigate the organization while managing the anxiety and nervousness.
Also since the mid-20th century, more and more people got to the middle income level. Some are already beyond the level where acquiring more products and services are the key source of life satisfaction.
Memorable experiences are the alternative source of satisfaction for such people, and they have been the growth drivers of the industry.
To satisfy those consumers surely require ever-elevating service expectation, which can only be met by the organizations that keep innovating themselves.
Thus managing creativity and institutionalizing innovation became must-have capabilities of the leaders in the hospitality industry.

I have to add that the fact that you need to study both in Ithaca and Kyoto will force you to live through very diverse cultures and people. This experience would surely equip you with the multiple lenses to see a thing or an event, which is essential in terms of generating creativity.
【Interviewer】Yuan ZHUANG (KC-CDO ‘23)
It was really an amazing experience to interview professor Mitachi. In the era of more uncertainty leadership is more important than ever to encounter challenges.
After the interview, I get more insights for leadership and want to learn more about it in future