Ichiro Nagata (Class of 2021) – Kyoto-Cornell International Collaborative Degree Opportunity


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Ichiro Nagata
Class of 2021

Ichiro Nagata (Class of 2021)

Q.Why I decided to apply to KC-CDO
As I have been working as a physician, I recognize that there are a lot of business chances in the medical field to provide a better environment for patients. Learning about hospitality provides a broader perspective on finding these business chances, and I thought that the skills I can acquire from the KC-CDO would allow me to succeed in those businesses which will directly affect patients’ quality of lives in a positive manner.

I was also interested in meeting people through this program, who foresee the importance of integrating hospitality and business, as this opportunity will definitely boost my experience and broaden my mind.
Q.Student life in Kyoto and Cornell
Both Kyoto and Cornell provide great opportunities to meet people who have various background. In Kyoto, as a Japanese student, it is interesting how I can get connected with students from both international and Japanese MBA program of Kyoto University through classes and events held within the graduate school of management.

Cornell, on the other hand, provides opportunities to meet and actually speak to alumni of Cornell hotel school through various events. In some classes, we worked on actual consulting projects of facilities that alumni currently work. It is also interesting that many electives are mixed with undergraduates as well as students from other departments; this allows the class discussions to be great learning experiences.

MMH classmates are very friendly and collaborative, and we occasionally had parties that 2/3 of classmates usually gathered.
Besides from getting to know people, both Kyoto and Cornell are located at beautiful environment. I enjoyed feeling traditional Japanese culture in Kyoto and beautiful nature in Cornell.
Q.My background
After receiving my bachelor degree from Boston University (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), I studied medicine at Juntendo University School of Medicine in Tokyo. After graduating from Juntendo, I did my two-year residency at Juntendo hospital. Following the residency, I joined SNBL group, and I mainly worked at Medipolis Ibusuki as a radiation oncologist at proton beam center while looking over the management of our resort hotel.
As I’ve been through both Kyoto and Cornell, I think that KC-CDO is a very attractive program and would fit perfectly for those who want to broaden the mind through studying at two different but distinguished universities. Taking wide variety of classes, meeting various types of people, and experiencing two distinctive cultures will definitely open up your mind and future.